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1. The Exorsict- One of the scariest movies of all time about a girl possessed by the devil. Definetly great for a movie night..

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2. Saw- All of the Saw films are very twisted, and definetly worth watching if in the mood for a good horror film. Rated R.


3. The Omen-A chilling film with supernatural scares, and a classic horror that will haunt you for days. Rated R.

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4. The Amityville Horror- A chilling story about a family that is haunted by the very house they live in. Rated R.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street- A very chilling story about a man who kills people in their dream. Definetly not one to watch before you go to sleep, Happy Dreams!  Rated R.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- One of the scariest movies I have ever seen, and this is because it is TRUE! Definetly not for anyone who is afraid of horror movies. A group of friends are hunted down by a killer. Rated R.

7. Psycho-One of the scariest movies of all time. A classic movie that has been remade lots of times. One of the best horror flicks. Rated R.

8. Friday the 13th- A horror film that takes place at a summer camp. After watching this movie, you will never think of Friday the same way again. Rated R.

9. Scream-A murderer in a mask. Very Scary. Rated R. This class also follows with a Scream 2 and 3. Rated R.

10. The Shining- One of Jack Nicholson's best films-A classis horror based on the novel by Stephen King. It definetly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Rated R.

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